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Doors getting sticky? Don't wait until it breaks!

January 2022 by Ellen

In the cold weather wooden doors can swell and expand while plastic uPVC doors may contract and shrink. In both these cases, the doors may need adjusting to keep the locking mechanisms lined up properly. Ways of doing this can be to adjust the hinges of the door or even the locking mechanism. If in doubt, call a professional locksmith.

Key Snapped in the Lock

Also, as temperatures drop your locks can freeze and we get more and more calls about keys snapping in the lock. Or reports of handles turning around and around and around... You get the point.


Now that the days are shorter and the dark nights longer please be vigilant! Every year around this time we notice an increase in break-ins to commercial premises, to homes, to garden sheds, to cars and garages. All sorts! Make sure that your home is protected and fully secured. Trust us, it's much cheaper to add extra locks or upgrade your existing security than deal with the heartbreak of a burglary.

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