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From Manchester City Centre to Stockport, Trafford, Wigan, Bury or any other part of Greater Manchester, M18 Manchester Locksmiths are mobile, ready and able to come to your rescue.

At Locksmith Manchester We Provide:

  • 24 hour emergency services for lock outs, burglary repairs and emergency lock changes.
  • Home security services including lock replacement, door opening, lock picking, home security assessments and advice on how to upgrade your current levels of protection and deterrence.
  • Commercial locksmith services such as high security lock installation, digital lock fitting and master key systems.
  • Car lockout assistance.

Call 0161 870 6530 for professional work by experienced and well trained locksmiths in Manchester. For us, a prompt response and top quality service is our way of keeping client satisfaction rates at 100%!

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24hr emergency locksmith services break-in door repair rekeying services commercial locksmith

Locksmith Manchester

At M18 Manchester Locksmith we get called out to deal with emergency locksmith crises regularly and they can happen 24 hours a day. It can happen to anyone. The door closes behind you and locks your key inside, you accidentally leave your keys in the boot while loading the shopping or the cold weather can get your door out of shape and damage the lock. But don't worry! Help is near.

If you need a locksmith Manchester then give us a call. We provide residential, business, commercial and auto locksmith services. We can help fix, fit or upgrade your uPVC and aluminium frame window and door locks. We can install mortice locks to fit insurance requirement for BS3621 standards. If you're in the Greater Manchester area and find yourself needing a locksmith, Manchester Locksmith are the team to call!

We do our best to solve our clients' lock and key problems as fast as possible and in the most professional manner. Our biggest advantages over our competitors in Manchester are our:

  • Fast response time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Hugely competitive pricing - at locksmith Manchester we don't charge a call out fee and will happily give you a free price estimate over the phone.
  • Professionalism - we strive to maintain the highest standards of locksmithing, regularly updating our locksmith training and using the most up to date locksmith techniques and tools.
  • Friendliness - We happen to love our work. Every Locksmith Manchester customer is someone who's day can be made better and we feel very lucky every time we can do this.

What's it like being a locksmith?

It's time for an update and since we often get asked about our work while out and about in Manchester here's a brief answer. Well, at the moment we're enjoying the dry spell as a lot of our work is outdoors getting our customers back indoors! It's part of a locksmith in Manchester's job description to get wet! This morning we were busy with 3 lock changes in Gorton for a young family moving in to their new house. Smart move to change the locks in your new property of course. When a Manchester Locksmith does get a break... well at the moment we are enjoying the slanging matches in the run up to the General Election. And we wouldn't be doing our civic duty if we didn't remind our valued customers.

How to stay secure this summer - Leaving your house unlocked is an own goal

It's hard to believe that summer is coming with all this damp and dull weather that we're experiencing in Manchester at the moment. But, we're trying to be optimistic about the weather along with England's chances in Euro 2016, it's tough... but we won't let it dampen our spirit! Should summer return though, the team at M18 Manchester Locksmiths would like to offer some advice on protecting your home during the summer months.

If you've got the game on in the living room with the TV blaring make sure that the rest of the house is secure - that you've locked the front door and have closed the windows in any unoccupied rooms. A significant proportion of all burglaries are just opportunistic - where thieves spot an open window or unlocked door and are in and out in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds. In fact, many times a burglar will see something on display such as a laptop or tablet and just grab that. Make especially sure that your car keys are kept out of sight. Never leave them on display or somewhere they can be easily snatched like on the kitchen table by the open back door or hanging up near the unlocked front door.

If, like many, you are moving house during the summer months give us a call and we can explain how to secure your new home. Top priority would be to change or rekey the existing locks as you can never be sure who has had access to the keys in the past and who may have a copy of the keys to your home. We can also perform a security check on the property to see if your locks are up to British Standards and meet your insurance policy requirements. We'll check for soft points like window locks, weak door frames and door panels and more.

Emergency Locksmith Manchester:

Being a locksmith is never a 9 to 5 affair. Unfortunately locks can decide to break just as you're trying to get back in after a long, hard day at work, or you can lose your keys after a night out in Manchester City Centre. For all sorts of reasons we get calls at all sorts of times. We are always available to take your call as we know that such problems don't only strike at a convenient time!

At M18 Manchester Locksmith we are always here to solve your lock and key problems. In an emergency locksmith situation we provide a fast response, and you can be sure that a professional locksmith will be with you right away.

24 Hour Locksmith Manchester:

Don't be locked out in the dark - call for a Manchester locksmith that is local and can get to you quickly, someone you can trust to do a great job, a locksmith that is insured and fully trained.

In short: Choose a locksmith from the M18 Manchester Locksmith team!

Central Locksmiths Manchester and beyond!

Wherever you are in the region, from outlying areas of Greater Manchester such as to the more Central locksmith Manchester is mobile and only a phone call away!

Home Security Survey

If like me you follow the local news and are depressed at the crime rates don't despair! There is something you can do about it!

First thing to do is call M18 Manchester Locksmith and ask us about a home security survey. We can recommend all sorts of home security measures, some of which won't even cost you a penny! And since we are experts at fitting and upgrading all household security, where better to start?

We've been avidly watching the latest series of the BBC's Break-In Britain. Bit like a busman's' holiday. In this clip - Making the house secure - you can see how some small steps can make your home much more secure, including tying up your bins!

Insurance Companies

Did you read your home insurance small print? Did you know that many policies across the UK require you to have British Standard locks - BS3621. M18 Manchester Locksmith fit British Standard locks so if in the terrible event you are robbed at least you will be compensated financially and not lose out on £1000s because of a cheap lock!

Door and frame guards also are good extra security ideas - they fit around mortice locks and striker plates in the frame to give extra protection. This makes it much harder for someone to force the door open.

Sash Jammer

Sash Jammers are great for providing that extra bit of security. They can also serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars as these window locks are visible from outside your property signaling that this is one place not to be messed with! They can also be used on doors for extra security.

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