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What do the locksmiths do?

You should call a professional locksmith service for any type of job that involves keys or locks. This includes broken key extraction, auto locksmith assistance, burglary repair, lock picking, replacing lost keys, safe opening, emergency locksmith services, uPVC door and window repair, and many more. At M18 Manchester Locksmith, we provide various locksmith services including but not limited to those listed above. If you are looking for an available locksmith near and a reputable locksmith service in Manchester that offers high-quality locksmith services, look no further.

Which areas do you cover?

Our locksmith service is based in Manchester City. However, we also cover the surrounding areas, including Wigan, Oldham, Bury, and Stretford.

What happens if my key breaks in the lock?

If that happens, you should call us immediately. We strongly discourage our clients from removing the broken keys on their own because they may cause further damage, thus raising the cost of repair. Depending on where the key has broken, our technicians can remove and repair the lock. However, if it is badly damaged, for example, the cylinder is gone, the only option left will be to replace the entire lock. Our team will first examine the lock then recommend the best possible solution.

If I need emergency locksmith service, will you be available, and how soon will you respond?

Yes, we offer emergency locksmith services 24/7, from Sunday to Saturday. We know that a locksmith emergency can occur at any time. This means that our expert team responds even on weekends and Bank holidays. In emergencies, we usually try to respond as quickly as possible. However, we do limit our emergency locksmith service regarding the weather conditions or other force majeure.

Can I postpone the requested service?

Yes, you have such an option. You can always call us and reschedule the appointment. Our locksmith can come at any convenient time for you.

I cannot afford the complete lock replacement, can I get a repair instead?

Of course. We always strive to give our clients what they want. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford the lock replacement, we will do our best to repair it to ensure that we lower your cost. In case, if the lock is damaged beyond repair or if we feel that the repair will not be effective, we shall warn you before starting. Your safety and wellbeing is our first priority.

I have heard that British standard locks are the best quality, it is true?

There are many types of locks in circulation in the Manchester market. Our professionals recommend British standard locks in order to stay in line with the current legislation and also to ensure that you comply with your insurance policy. Most insurance policies in Manchester require you to provide proof that your locks are of British standards. So even though it is not a must that you have British standard lock, we highly recommend our clients to have them.

How do you open a locked door without a key?


  1. you have the necessary skills it should not be very hard. But time-consuming, definitely.
    use bobby pins;
  2. you have tools
    pick a lock;
  3. you have possibility and mailbox in your door
    try to reach the inner side from the mailbox;
  4. you don’t care about the door or have experience
    use a screwdriver;
  5. you have time
    call a relative;
  6. you want the door opened fast, clean and by the skilled technician
    call a professional locksmith service like M18 Manchester Locksmith!

Why should I use a professional locksmith in Manchester?

M18 Manchester locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured. They have invested in equipment and trained, and possess the best skills to provide premium locksmith service that meets your needs.

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