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Luxury Cars Need Basic Security

1 May 2013 by Pablo

If you are a luxury car owner, you are probably relaxed about your car security with the knowledge that it is fitted with the top security features - codes, security fob which needs to be plugged in and of course the cars ultrasonic sensor in the unlikely event that someone does manage to break in which will immobilise the vehicle.

Car Theft in Manchester

Well, don't be so sure. Here, in Manchester, two top BMW's were recently stolen from outside the owners home with a gadget that successfully overrode all these top security features. So it seems that there some savvy crooks out there who are actually able to outsmart even the latest technologies!

Simple Security Solutions

Interestingly enough, expert auto locksmiths are suggesting going back to some of the older simple security solutions such as steering wheel locks, and wheel clamps as well as parking in garages and secure car parks. While it may seem like the thieves will always win, putting as many obstacles in their path including physical ones may be the best way to prevent your car being stolen. And while it may be less convenient having to unlock a crowbar or big bulky wheel lock each time, it is a small investment to secure your 30,000+ quid possession.

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