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How Efficient are Alarm Systems?

23 December 2013 by Pablo

I found this video (a bit old but very interesting) on Youtube and decided to share it with you. An alarm system is an advanced security solution, but how efficient is it?

Can an alarm system protect your home from burglars?

In the UK things are not that different, according to new policy on Police Response to Security Systems (the ACPO Policy) the alarm activation must be confirmed before the Police would respond. An alarm activation is confirmed when a second detection device is activated during the intrusion (it reduces the chances of a false alarm activation). However in the UK if the Police is notified, the Police Response Level for intrusion is 1 (immediate response).

Prevent Burglary

Although the Police response to security systems in the UK is better that in other countries, as an experienced Manchester locksmith, I still believe that it's better to prevent a burglary, than to count on the Police to arrest the thief or to find your stolen property.

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